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      Video Surveillance

Always know what is going on

Video Surveillance is an integral component of keeping your business safe and secure against
internal and external risks.
Because knowing is only half the battle
Treun Technologies offers a variety of digital video recorders to fit your specific system needs and budgets – from commercial and financial locations to home security.
Our team will design, install and maintain a video surveillance system that will provide you with an overview of forensic tools in case of an incident and features which will help prevent incidents from occurring in the first place.
As an integrator, we can sell and install any video equipment on the market and are not locked into any one product. Most of our systems are HD Megapixel IP cameras starting at 1080p resolution and better.
Our solutions utilize recorders built to handle analog, HD, and IP cameras or any combination of the two. We provide systems that can help maximize your current infrastructure while planning and accounting for future upgrades and system growth.
Discover which solutions work for you.
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