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Maximize your security infrastructure
Intercom systems are a great complement to access control systems, giving you the ability to communicate and see guests before providing access to the building.

Solutions for any situation

Whether it's a simple one-door solution or a complex 100-door system, Treun Technologies has you covered.
We work with some of the most advanced systems on the market, meaning that business owners and homeowners alike can utilize smartphone integration with their intercom security system.
In addition to having one or more substations throughout the office or house, you have the ability to control who can come into your home or office from your smart phone.
By contacting Treun Technologies, we can provide you with all the expert guidance you need for devising a first-rate and safety-conscious security intercom system. Our systems are ideal for all types of entryways, including doors, gates, and barriers.
Discover which solutions work for you.
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